The Benefits of Natural Beauty Products

Many of us understand the importance of being mindful about what we are putting in our bodies, but what about what we are applying on our body??

At Golden Bodi, we have created safe and effective formulas with only the purist of ingredients, giving you complete peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on offering a safe, clean, all natural beauty care range of self-tanning products without any the nasties - no toxins, no parabens, and no chemical additives.

Perfect for even the most sensitive of skins, the potential of irritation when using Golden Bodi or any all-natural product for that matter, almost disappears* when chemicals and additives are absent from the recipe. Derived from all natural ingredients, Golden Bodi features zero man made synthetic ingredients.

Our products are 100% environmentally friendly!! With no harmful chemicals our all natural products can be safely washed off and enter our waterways with no danger to our landscape and animal life.

When creating the Golden Bodi range, it was imperative that every product be paraben free. Parabens are preservatives that commonly feature in beauty products, ensuring a longer shelf life, but with enormous risks.  When absorbed by the skin, parabens replicate estrogen in the body, which has been linked to hormone imbalance, causing fertility issues, damage to the reproductive organs and has been found to contribute to the risk of cancer, as sited on the Cancer Council website.

For Golden Bodi, there is no compromise, only the completely natural is good enough to highlight your natural beauty. Stay Golden xx

*Allergic reactions to natural products may be present in some people.