The Secret is Exfoliation!

Whilst applying high quality products like Golden Bodi mousses, lotions or drops will give you that golden glow you have been chasing, there is one important step you can take beforehand to ensure optimal results every time… the secret… Exfoliation!!!

Similar to sanding a wall before applying a coat of paint, it is imperative to give your skin some love before tanning up. 

Golden Bodi recommends using a good quality exfoliating glove, similar to the exfoliating mitt in the Golden Bodi three in one self-tanning exfoliation application mitt pack, available online for just $19.

Preparation is key when it comes to any beauty routine, and tanning is no exception, by simply adding this extra step before applying your product, you will reap the rewards with a longer lasting and more even glow.  

Rid your body of dead and dry skin cells that so often accumulate over time in the shower, by first wetting your body with warm water and then applying an all-natural soap or body wash.  Make sure the water isn’t too hot as this can dry out your skin even further.

In small repetitive circular motions, use your mitt to massage the skin, loosening any build ups and allowing the cells to break away from the surface, resulting in a smooth even finish. Remember to be gentle the outer layer of the mitt is designed to do all the work.  Golden Bodi suggests steering away from soaps and washes that contain oils, as while these might make your skin feel silky smooth, they add a barrier on the skin, compromising the absorption of the self-tanning products.

Once you have finished, towel pat yourself dry, as you may feel some sensitivity, especially if you are an exfoliator newbie.

With the dead, dry and dull cells removed, you should be feeling super soft and super proud, you have created the perfect surface and are ready to begin self tanning…. Stay Golden xx