Tips For a Longer Lasting Tan

Ever wondered how some people appear golden for days, without suffering from the dreaded tan fade? Well, here a couple of tips we invite you to try to get the most out of your self-tanning experience.

First step is the all-important preparation of your skin, see our earlier blog on how to Exfoliate. Exfoliation will ensure your body is primed and ready for the self-tanning process to begin. We recommend investing in a good quality mitt to get the job done. Our Golden Bodi 3 in 1 Exfoliation Application Mitt Kit, includes an exfoliation mitt, which is gentle enough to remove the dead and dry skin cells creating an even surface without irritation.

Next is to make sure, you are only applying a quality product to your skin. Too many tanning products on the market are full of harmful chemicals and toxins which are absorbed by the skin. With no industry regulation in Australia, companies are free to include dangerous ingredients which have been proven to contribute to increased risks of cancer and other deadly diseases. Golden Bodi products are all natural – completely without the nasties – no toxins, no parabens, and no chemical additives, giving you peace of mind, that you are making the better choice for you and the environment. 

Step Three: moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!! Once you are sun kissed and ready to show off your tan, you must remember to continually moisturise. Keeping your skin hydrated with a good quality moisturiser will help maintain your tan and prolong the life of your skin cells, preventing them from drying out and falling away.

And as the tan begins to naturally loose its tone, top it up. Golden Bodi offers a Gradual Tan Lotion to build on and/ or extend your golden glow.  Simply exfoliate beforehand and apply with slow, sweeping motions using the Golden Bodi Application Mitt to ensure maximum coverage. 

Stay Golden