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This high-quality lightweight self-tanning mousse leaves you with an ultra-dark bronze glow with every application. Perfect for those looking to maintain that warm, Golden bronze colour all year round.

Infused with pure vitamins & natural anti-aging ingredients which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. With quick drying technology makes it easy to achieve an even, Streak free and Instant natural look that your skin deserves.


Step 1: Apply to dry, freshly cleansed, lightly exfoliated skin. Shake well and apply to Application Mitt using long, sweeping circular motions. Use sparingly around knuckles, knees, ankles and elbows.

Step 2: Allow skin to dry for at least 60 seconds before dressing. Can be washed after 1 hour. To develop a deeper darker Tan allow 4- 8 hours before washing off. Shower in lukewarm water. Do not use soaps or scrubs. Pat dry.

Step 3: Reapply to deepen or maintain color. Use a moisturizer or Golden Bodi Gradual Tan Lotion daily to prolong and maintain your desired shade of Tan.